miHoYo has been treating Genshin Impact fans to a surprise week-long event in its new free-to-play MMORPG hit. Players have had to track down a dubious new NPC in pursuit of his valuable Boxes o\’ Marvel, which can only be opened during the event.

The Marvelous Merchandise event runs from October 26th through November 2nd, 2020, and gives Genshin Impact players seven distinct opportunities to interact with the new traveling merchant, Liben. Upon finding him, he sends players on a brief ingredient-hunt, which grants the opportunity to open one Box o\’ Marvel upon completion.

Liben stuck to Mondstadt on Day 1, and visited Springvale on Day 2. On Day 3, players found Liben asking for berries at the Dawn Winery, and on Day 4, he seems to be hanging around Genshin Impact\’s Stone Gate area. Every day thus far, he has requested 10 copies of a particular ingredient (mushrooms, pinecones, and berries, so nothing too rare), and today is no different: Liben requires 10 Sunsettias on Day 4.

To find Liben, players should simply head to the main Stone Gate \”town,\” found just off of the nearest teleport waypoint. Sunsettias are bright red-orange plants that can be found hanging from small trees throughout Teyvat; much like the other ingredients\’ needed by Liben, it is easy to find, and most players will already have well more than 10 in their inventories.

Every Box o\’ Marvel opened thus far has contained a combination of Primogems and valuable upgrade materials, so Travelers should expect their fourth boxes to be similar in contents. Primogems are used to make Wishes for explosive new characters like Klee or Diluc, so players will at the very least appreciate that part of the gift. Moreover, each of Liben\’s seven boxes is decorated to resemble one of the seven Elemental Visions, so perhaps players will unlock something extra special upon collecting all seven. Not to mention, Liben also apparently sells Dragon Balls, though not to the Traveler, so the shady merchant is certainly familiar with world-bending sets of seven.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.