Genshin Impact is now entering the fifth day of its latest in-game event, featuring a mysterious new NPC, and plenty of marvelous rewards. Each day of the event, players have had to locate Liben, a traveling salesman, in exchange for a small quest and reward.

By now, Travelers will have started to pick up on the Liben pattern, but for those who may just be joining the event: players will find him, procure some rather common ingredients for him, and then receive a \”Box o\’ Marvel.\” Every day thus far, Genshin Impact has provided a hint at his location via special swipe-to-reveal messages in the game\’s current events menu.

The fifth day\’s clue reveals that Liben has been seen wandering towards the Wangshu Inn, which conveniently features its own waypoint. For players traveling to the inn for the first time, it\’s found directly south of the Dihua Marsh teleport waypoint, and rests just atop Teyvat\’s Guili Plains. There\’s only one major north-south road connecting these locations, so it should be an easy find. If Liben continues along the path he\’s started, players can expect to be meeting him down as far as Liyue Harbor eventually.

Once there, Liben is just up the main stairs along the right-hand side; for players arriving at Wangshu Inn for the first time, the Seelie (small green-ish spirit) at the center of this location will walk players past Liben en route to its Seelie Garden, so Travelers can follow it to find him. The shady wandering merchant seems to request common ingredients like berries, and today\’s request is unsurprisingly mundane as well: apples.

Travelers must give 10 apples to Liben if they hope to earn today\’s Box o\’ Marvel. Once they\’ve completed the small quest for Liben, he\’ll offer players another chance to open one of seven Boxes o\’ Marvel, which can be redeemed right then and there, or later. Players should be wary though, Boxes o\’ Marvel can only be claimed while Liben\’s in town, so once the Marvelous Merchandise event concludes on November 2nd, any unclaimed Boxes will be lost until he wanders back through Teyvat.

While players have been hoping for some sort of bonus gift, every box thus far has contained the same general reward: Primogems and upgrade/enhancement materials. That being said, today\’s Liben challenge is the first to give players a small additional token. If players have been finding Liben and completing his task every day of the Marvelous Merchandise event, this will be their fifth time meeting the wanderer, which apparently merits a special reward. Unfortunately, Liben still won\’t part with his Dragon Balls, however, he will award players EXP after completing the special Battle Pass (BP) Event Challenge for \”[submitting] materials to the merchant 5 times in Marvelous Merchandise.\”

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC and PS4, with PS5 and Switch versions also in development.