Genshin Impact fans have been enjoying the game\’s first larger-scale event for almost one week now, with every day presenting a new chance to earn a Box o\’ Marvel. The Marvelous Merchandise event ends on the morning of November 2nd, so players have few chances left to meet the new shady traveler, Liben.

Liben has been sharing Teyvat gossip with players for the last six days, and today is no different. When found, he\’ll share some interesting Genshin Impact hearsay about local mobster-politicians, the Fatui, and an apparent possible falling out with the Liyue Qixing, though of course, he\’ll also allow players to take on their usual daily quest.

Liben asks for another set of Genshin Impact ingredients today, tasking the players with collecting 10 carrots. Before worrying about his request though, players will have to locate him. As expected, he has continued his path down towards Liyue Harbor, with today\’s clue indicating that he\’s been seen near the Statue of Seven north of Liyue.

The Statue of Seven in question is northwest of Liyue Harbor, directly south of the Wangshu Inn where Liben was staying on Day 5 of the Marvelous Merchandise event. Simply follow the road south from Wangshu Inn, or teleport to the Statue if already able. As per usual, Liben has set up shop in an obvious central location, so players will find him shortly upon arriving at the Statue. He can be seen just up the steps south of the Liyue Statue of Seven.

If players haven\’t acquired any carrots yet, they should pay extra attention to dubious barrels, wheelbarrows, and boxes – when investigated, these often produce fruit and vegetables, like carrots. Otherwise, carrots can be found buried under loams of soil throughout Teyvat, especially near cottages and small farms.

Liben will award players another opportunity to open a Box o\’ Marvel upon completing his request, which leaves only one Box o\’ Marvel to open if players have been participating since Day 1. Each box has contained a combination of Primogems and valuable materials (e.g. Talent Ascension Materials, Weapon Enhancement Materials), though the combination seems to vary by player.

With 30 Primogems in each Box, players who collect all seven should expect to emerge from the Marvelous Merchandise week with 210 Primogems total, which allows for one Wish and some leftover gems. Moreover, diligent players were rewarded with a surprise Battle Pass Achievement yesterday for completing five of Liben\’s requests; although there isn\’t a Challenge or Achievement for Day 6, it\’s much more reasonable to expect one tomorrow for the big event finale.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.