After introducing himself in Mondstadt, Genshin Impact\’s newest NPC, Liben, proceeded to take players on a scavenger hunt and chase down south through Teyvat, the game\’s main continent. The Marvelous Merchandise event began on October 26th and has served as the game\’s first major event, granting Travelers new challenges, rewards, and the opportunity to meet a new wandering NPC.

Genshin Impact players spent the past six days chasing Liben across Teyvat, following daily clues that led to Springvale, the Dawn Winery, and eventually even the Wangshu Inn. As part of the Marvelous Merchandise event, the new traveling merchant will make a small daily request of players upon being located, which rewards a special Box o\’ Marvel upon completion.

Players logging onto Genshin Impact during the Marvelous Merchandise event have found a daily swipe-to-reveal clue concerning Liben\’s new location waiting in their inboxes. Day 1 started with an easy find: Mondstadt; but as the days went by, Liben traveled further and further southwest, eventually passing the Dawn Winery and entering Liyue proper. Many newer players may not have ventured into Liyue at all, and plenty of mid-level players often find themselves trudging around the outskirts of Liyue without committing to activating its major Statues of the Seven, which is to say, Liben has gotten increasingly difficult to meet.

On Day 7, players \”wagging tongues\” say that the shady dealer has made it to Liyue Harbor, as was predicted by Liben\’s Day 5 and 6 locations. He can be found directly under/north of the topmost teleport waypoint in Liyue Harbor, which is just slightly northwest of the Souvenir Shop represented by a \”gem\” icon on the map. In the image below, the teleport waypoint is above and behind Liben.

Although his location has gotten increasingly difficult to reach, his requests have remained rather consistent. Every day, he asks for 10 of a non-Specialty Teyvat ingredient, all of which are incredibly common. On Day 7, Liben wants 10 radishes. These are often found across the map together with carrots, so it will be an easy task to complete, especially if Travelers helped Liben find carrots on Day 6.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for the PS5 and Switch.