Genshin Impact has made waves as a free-to-play alternative to beloved powerhouse titles, like Nintendo\’s Breath of the Wild. With the game\’s first month now under miHoYo\’s belt, it seems the developers have felt another pang of generosity.

Travelers can now use a new promo code to claim free Primogems for their Genshin Impact account, and this time, the code works regardless of region. Unfortunately, this code does not apply to PS4 users, so console gamers will have to sit this one out.

Travelers who haven\’t claimed one of the previous Genshin Impact promo codes will want to head to miHoYo\’s official website for the game. Before even worrying about this new promo, players should verify they\’ve claimed all the other existing promo codes that can still be claimed. The code that have been released before today\’s code have all been region-locked, so players should be sure to identify the correct code for their account\’s region before attempting.

That said, once ready, players can apply a promo code to their accounts by logging into the official Genshin Impact website and clicking on the \”Redeem Code\” tab near the top right of the page. This will prompt users to enter some simply account info, and the promo code in question. If entered correctly (and for the first time), players will receive a confirmation, and the rewards will be sent to the game account.

The new code is as follows: GenshinZHB30. It is not case-sensitive, and it should work for mobile/PC players globally.

Once the confirmation displays, players should simply head to Genshin Impact and verify they\’ve received the items. The Primogems should be waiting in Paimon\’s Inbox. Today\’s GenshinZHB30 code grants players a nice sum of 160 Primogems, though many fans have been quick to criticize a lack of rewards for PS4 players. Not to mention, Chinese accounts were also given an additional give of 300+ Primogems.

Travelers understand that different player-bases spend different amounts of money, but it\’s tough to understand why a random free Genshin Impact promo gift would vary so wildly between accounts when the game is still so young. Especially when the gift seems to be entirely random in the first place; Travelers certainly appreciate miHoYo\’s generosity, but it feels unfair to some who may be dedicated time to the game on a console instead of their phones, for example.

Regardless of gifts, all players can at least rejoice in the fact that Version 1.1 is coming to Genshin Impact in early November. This update will be available for all users, free of charge, and promises new content including missions, boss fights, and playable characters like Childe.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch