Genshin Impact Player Finds Secret Underground Area Thanks To Map Glitch

A Genshin Impact player has found an unused underground area in the game\’s Monstadt area thanks to a map glitch. Exploration is one of the main draws of the free-to-play RPG, and players are encouraged to probe the game\’s locations as doing so can net rewards. While reaching 100% exploration in Genshin Impact\’s regions doesn’t give any direct rewards or achievements, it\’s a badge of honor indicating a player has acquired or unlocked all of the collectibles and points of interests in a given location.

There are currently three main regions available in Genshin Impact at the moment. Mondstadt is the one all players explore first, and it\’s where the perilous sub-region of Dragonspine can also be located. To the southwest of Mondstadt is the nation of Liyue, which players unlock after progressing through the game’s main story. The most recent location developer miHoYo has introduced for players to comb and master is Genshin Impact\’s Inazuma region, which is located across a thunderous sea east of Liyue.

Reddit user Vindictive-Victim shared a clip of their discovery on the Genshin Impact subreddit. The video begins with them jumping off a cliff into a body of water, where they swim to a small corner under the cliff and their selected character, Jean, suddenly clings to the wall underwater. Vindictive-Victim then climbs down the underwater wall and magically steps onto the ground at the bottom. When they turn around, the water that was behind them looks to have disappeared and they can now move into an underground area complete with dry grass terrain and a rocky ceiling.

From the looks of it, the spot where Vindictive-Victim glitched through to enter the underground area is located somewhere near Monstadt\’s Stormterror\’s Lair (home of Dvalin), as the name pops up during their exploration of the  cavern. The underground area is relatively small and is most likely just a part of the map where the terrain above and the supposed bottom of the lake below did not meet completely, creating a small open space between them.

The glitch gives an interesting glimpse of how the terrain of Genshin Impact is constructed, and more areas similar to the one Vindictive-Victim may be located elsewhere in the game’s world – though they may not be as accessible as this one. It also somewhat reveals how the game\’s water works, as it seems to just be a single thin layer rather than an actual body of liquid that fills its container, possibly explaining why diving and swimming underwater aren\’t possible. Even if the underground area doesn\’t serve any real purpose, it\’s definitely intriguing to gain some new insight into how the game was built.

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