Genshin Impact might be known for its large open world to explore with tons of dungeons and secrets, but something else the game might be known for is its delicious recipes, and now players are recreating them in real life. Genshin Impact is a gacha RPG where players can level up their characters and fight many different bosses. Some people may want characters so badly they are willing to spend thousands of dollars to get their favorites.

However, fighting is not the only thing the game is known for. The player can collect resources and food from around the world, like mushrooms, crabs, and sweet flowers. These ingredients can then be turned into dishes that the player can feed to their characters for healing or stat buffs. Because of its wide variety of uses, players are finding ways to grind specific foods like Fowl using whatever method is deemed necessary. Fowl can be used in dishes like Sweet Madame, which heals a huge amount of HP, which might explain the extreme lengths some are willing to go to.

Reddit user IssaGrill took inspiration from one of these dishes, Golden Shrimp Balls, and made it in real life. Just like the game, the real-life version uses potato and shrimp to make the dish. Though, it is uncertain if the recipe is obtainable in-game, as players have tried obtaining it for an achievement. While the dish does make an appearance in the wiki with its recipe and description, it is said the dish has not been released yet and is likely coming out in the 1.1 update. While IssaGrill\’s dish looks amazing, it is a shame it doesn\’t have the same reviving capabilities that the game\’s version has.

The dish makes up to 6 shrimp appetizers and requires a fair amount of ingredients in order to make it. Though the dish does look exhausting to make, especially when cutting the potatoes. So exhausting, it makes cooking look incredibly hard in comparison to the game, where the player just needs to press the stop button at just the right time. Plus it doesn\’t have the benefit of having an auto-cook option like Genshin Impact.

While players eagerly wait for the next Genshin Impact update, maybe cooking a recipe or two from the game wouldn\’t be such a bad idea. There are plenty of dishes like the Matsutake Meat Rolls or Jewelry Soup that sounds delicious to try, if cooks are willing to make a few substitutions to bring the dish into the real world.