One of the pleasures of playing Genshin Impact is the opportunity to explore and chart its expansive map. Players making their ways across Teyvat will often find themselves using teleport waypoints to save time, but when encountering new sites, mountain-climbing will be inevitable at times.

Much like the games that inspired it, Genshin Impact boasts an impressive collection of creatures and treasures hidden throughout its land masses. Given the game\’s numerous valleys and mountain ranges, climbing is integral to finding many of these hidden novelties, and as such, players are often finding workarounds to the game\’s stamina system.

Stamina is what keeps players from simply running and jumping nonstop throughout Genshin Impact. When running, swimming, gliding, or climbing, the character\’s stamina gauge will slowly deplete, and if and when it does, the player must allow their character to catch their breath before continuing to move. If the stamina gauge depletes while swimming, the character will die. Naturally, this makes mountain-climbing in Teyvat a bit more challenging, but thankfully, one player has shared their workaround.

Once players unlock the option of changing their Traveler\’s Vision between Geo and Anemo, they also apparently unlock the ability to easily scale cliffs and mountainsides. Using the Traveler\’s Geo Elemental Skill, a player can create a custom resting ledge on cliff-sides, which allows the character to restore stamina without falling to the base of the wall. Considering recently discovered interactions between Klee and Jean, this sort of unique Skill use is becoming increasingly commonplace in Genshin Impact.

Whereas usual Genshin Impact stamina tips involve stocking up on stamina-replenishing items (or taking advantage of Pyro archer Amber\’s hidden talents,) this one relies on simple strategic use of a skill. Not to mention, it gives a good reason to try out Traveler\’s Geo powers. The Elemental Skill can\’t quite be placed on all surfaces, but for the most part, it seems that players can make a ledge on most mountainsides. After that, the player should simply free climb to their makeshift ledge, drop onto it, and wait for stamina to replenish before continuing.

Needless to say, this isn\’t a particularly quick process, but regardless, it makes high altitudes easily accessible in Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, abilities that propel a player into the sky, or enhance stamina, are difficult to come by in Teyvat, so players must rely on practical techniques like this one. And with incoming Geo-wielders like Zhongli, who makes mining easy, players may find themselves climbing and exploring by foot more than anticipated anyways.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.