Players around the globe have been attempting to explore as much of the vast open world of Genshin Impact as possible over the past couple of weeks. With such a large map that will be expanding in the upcoming 1.2 update in December, players have been trying to not only see what all the current world has to offer, but discover any and all secrets hidden within. In fact, one Genshin Impact player has discovered a new glitch that will help players reach a certain secret island with no Cryo powers required.

For those that don\’t know, there is a secret island located off of the coast of Teyvat at the beach players begin their journey at near Starfell Lake. Normally, Genshin Impact players have used Kaeya\’s Cryo abilities to create a pathway of sorts to reach the island and find the treasures awaiting them. However, this drawn out process seems to no longer be required with the newly discovered glitch.

Reddit user Ruirensu is the one responsible for discovering said bug. In a video they shared, Genshin Impact players can see them glide off of the side of Stormbearer Point in the north. By following the ridge of the Point, players will discover a small opening where they can walk around inside. After exiting said opening, players will find themselves walking along the sea floor with no water around, allowing them to walk to the secret island with no problem.

This glitch is certainly an important find for players that don\’t want to go through the hassle of freezing a path to the island, it\’s likely this bug won\’t stick around forever. Developer miHoYo has been hard at work seemingly trying to emulate Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild\’s smooth open world game experience, and a massive glitch like this could be seen as counter to its goals for Genshin Impact.

While many players will likely enjoy utilizing this glitch, others have found bugs within the game that are not as fun. In particular, players have had a rough time with Error Code 4201, an issue that has caused many players to not be able to connect to the game at all. And while there is a way to troubleshoot Error Code 4201, the fact that it is even a possibility to run into has frustrated some players. It seems that while Genshin Impact has found quite a large dedicated audience over the past two weeks, there are still plenty of things miHoYo needs to take care of before this game is really \’done.\’

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.