Players that have reached the late game stages of Genshin Impact have likely run into a massive slowdown in terms of progression. While many players have struggled with the soon to be improved Resin System, others have had issues attempting to predict and grind for the Ascension materials needed to raise new characters to the same level as their regular team. Now it seems that one Genshin Impact player has created a site that could help others alleviate this source of aggravation.

User Wrathael_Torcher took to the official Genshin Impact subreddit to announce a new site they have created called Genshin Center. Through this site, players can utilize the Ascension Planner tool to quickly and effectively decide how many of each type of Ascension Material they will need to reach their goal level. Additionally, players can add the weapon they intend to use with the selected character, projecting the required weapon Ascension materials as well.

In addition to the Ascension Planner, Genshin Center has another tool called the Damage Calculator. This calculator allows players to input the stats from two different Artifacts to see how they will individually affect the character they are equipped to. However, the calculator only focuses on the general stats associated with Artifacts rather than set bonuses, so players don\’t need to worry about if the calculator is providing the correct Artifact description.

Genshin Impact players have certainly shown their dedication to the game over the past few weeks. While some players have created various infographics and tools like the ones on Genshin Center, others have elected to show their zeal by creating elaborate cosplays. Popular Brazilian cosplayer babsofthegalaxy recently debuted her Amber cosplay on Instagram, with fans praising the well-executed take despite Amber\’s lackluster performance in the game itself. She went on to say in the post that she plans on doing a full Amber photoshoot once she completes her bunny prop.

These two tools provided by Genshin Center seem great for players looking to make their Genshin Impact grinding experience more organized. Currently, the Ascension planner is updated to include the game\’s newest character, Klee. And while other characters that were featured in the game\’s beta such as Xiao, it\’s quite likely that the Planner will continue to be updated and improved as time goes on.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.