Genshin Impact, the massively open world RPG from Chinese developer miHoYo, is truly a huge game in both size and popularity. The game has been adopted around the globe by a devoted fan base that loves to cosplay as the many characters found in Teyvat, as well as create various videos helping players to build their perfect team. Now it seems that some of these zealous players have made a major discovery that could lead to one Artifact set being ranked higher than previously thought.

The Artifact set in question is the Archaic Petra set found in the Domain of Guyun. According to the text in-game, characters will receive a 15% Geo DMG Bonus for having two pieces of the set equipped, and four pieces will give the party a 35% Elemental RES based on the Element used to set of a Crystallize reaction. However, this four piece bonus actually has a major typo in its description.

In truth, the four piece Artifact set of Archaic Petra actually grants the party with a 35% Elemental DMG buff, rather than a RES buff. This typo was shared on YouTube by user Mattjestic Multigaming with help from one of his viewers, Hamtori. In the video, Mattjestic shows that the set does, in fact, give players a DMG buff rather than a RES buff. According to the video, this is a typo that is found only in the English version of the game, but is correct in other languages.

This discovery has lead several Genshin Impact players to reevaluate their opinions on the Artifact set as a whole. Prior to this discovery, players seemed to be of the mind that this set was decent for parties that would run a tank-like character, but would more likely elect to run other Support or Healer style characters in their stead. With this new information in mind, players may be more inclined to run a Geo character like Ningguang or Noelle in their party as it could greatly benefit DPS characters like Diluc or Klee.

While it\’s currently unknown as to when players can expect this glaring typo to be fixed, it\’s quite possible that miHoYo is currently working on the problem. The developer has been hard at work patching the game regularly with various fixes and has even recently announced that Genshin Impact will be receiving multiple quality of life changes in the upcoming 1.1 update. Hopefully, this will be the first and only mistake that will be found on the various Artifacts in coming patches.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.