Genshin Impact fans have spent the last several weeks enjoying an influx of brand new content thanks to the game\’s Version 1.1 update. New storylines, quests, characters, enemies, and events have all made their way into the game, but in the midst of all this celebration, one character asks players to take a pause for a short Happy Birthday hoorah.

Most players are aware that Travelers receive a special message on their own birthdays, but as Genshin Impact continues to develop, it\’s starting to become clear that all characters\’ birthdays will receive a brief celebration. Players signing onto the game on the morning of November 20th will see so themselves when they find a message from Keqing, the Electro sword-wielder, awaiting in their inboxes.

Keqing is one of the originally available five-star characters in Genshin Impact. The Electro Vision sword user has gained notoriety for her ability to dish out massive amounts of damage with stylish ease, but on November 20th, miHoYo gives players a fun look at the character\’s more human traits. In a brief message titled \”See You Tonight!,\” Keqing invites the Traveler to enjoy exciting Liyue Harbor nightlife with her on the evening of her birthday.

The Electro celebrity is one of the Liyue Qixing, or Seven Stars of Liyue, which is a group composed of seven powerful Liyue business leaders. As such, she promises players she\’ll wear civilian clothes so they go unbothered by pedestrians – it\’s unclear if Liyue Qixing Keqing will actually be making special appearances in Genshin Impact\’s Liyue Harbor tonight, so players should be sure to take a look once it\’s night out in their games. The message sent includes 10 Cor Lapis and a \”Survival Grilled Fish.\”


The Survival Grilled Fish is Keqing\’s Special Dish, and it sometimes results when making Grilled Tiger Fish with Keqing as the lead character. This Special Guardian Dish restores a percentage of Max HP, then bestows an additional set amount of HP to the character. Cor Lapis, on the other hand, is a harvestable mineral in Genshin Impact and can be used to upgrade characters like Keqing.

Players should note that the currently accepted theory is that every character will send players a birthday gift on their respective birthdays, containing their respective Special Dish, and several copies of their required Talent Ascension material. Travelers, on the other hand, will receive a unique cake item on their own birthdays, which grants 1 Fragile Resin and a commemorative copy of the cake item itself.

Although this birthday message doesn\’t consist of new content itself, Keqing is one of two Liyue Qixing currently known to players. The second known Liyue Qixing is the regal Geo user named Ningguang, who was recently introduced by the Version 1.1 update. Hopefully, future patches shed light on the remaining Stars of Liyue, but for now: Happy Birthday Keqing!

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.