Update 1.1, the first major game update for MiHoYo’s surprise hit RPG Genshin Impact, will be arriving November 13. A number of new features will be added with Update 1.1, including new characters, a new zone to explore, bug fixes, and a reputation system that will give players additional opportunities to earn rewards as they explore the vast world of Teyvat.

Also receiving an overhaul in Genshin Impact’s Update 1.1 will be the Resin system, which has received a bit of criticism from players because it tends to bottleneck their ability to progress through endgame content. Condensed Resin will be MiHoYo’s attempt to remedy the situation and, in preparation for the update, players may want to start farming some materials.

Resin, as it is currently implemented in the game, is a commodity that’s capped at 120 and regens at the rate of one Resin every eight minutes, therefore taking 16 real-world hours to fully regenerate. Resin is used to unlock the rewards for completing a number of activities in Genshin Impact, such as elite and weekly bosses, Ley Line Blossoms, and Abyssal Domains.

Update 1.1 will add a system whereby Resin can be stored up using an item called Condensed Resin. This item can be crafted after reaching Reputation Level 3 in Liyue and obtaining the Condensed Resin blueprint. At an alchemy bench, players will be able to craft the new item for the cost of 1 Crystal Core, 40 Original Resin, and 100 Mora. Condensed Resin can be used to revitalize Ley Line Blossoms and the Petrified Trees found in Abyssal Domains, allowing players to effectively earn double the rewards from these activities.

Crystal Cores are a key component for crafting the Condensed Resin, and they aren’t easy to get a hold of. They can be obtained by defeating Crystal Flies, golden bugs found near certain waypoints in the Liyue region of Genshin Impact. Some of their spawn locations include: Guyun Stone Forest, the canyons beneath Mt. Aozang, just north of Bishiu Plain, the area northwest of the Mt. Tianheng waypoint, and the area between Ciujue Slope and Jueyun Karst.

Unlocking the rewards for Ley Line Blossoms and Petrified Trees costs 20 Resin each, and crafting a Condensed Resin for double the rewards costs 40 Resin and a few other materials. The new system basically allows players to save time if they only have an hour to play or, on the other hand, have a lot of time and spend much of it farming these activities for rewards. Rather than running or fast traveling to reach new Ley Line Blossoms or Domains, players can simply use a single Condensed Resin and receive double the rewards for their effort.

Genshin Impact is available on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, and will also be coming to PS5 and Switch.