With Genshin Impact\’s successful release, players are already finding exploitable bugs in the game, and the latest is an odd one that lets players kill a flock of pigeons, if they\’re so inclined. Klee\’s recent banner gave Genshin Impact its most successful day yet, with thousands of players eager to get one of the cutest characters in the game.

Genshin Impact\’s world is massive, with many chests, monsters, and secrets to uncover. Along with the large open world, there are so many different resources players can use to gather to cook, upgrade, and craft equipment. There are animals around the world like boars that players can kill to gather raw meat, which they can use to cook dishes to heal and improve their stats temporarily. Many recipes can be obtained as the player progress through the game, gaining access to better food.

One type of animal that\’s frequently found around Genshin Impact is pigeons, and a new exploit is letting players take them out in droves. Reddit user MisterBit130 posted a video showcasing a camera exploit that allows the players to hover over a spot where pigeons hang around, then slam into the ground to kill them all in one fell swoop. The exploit requires the player to use Bennett\’s charged elemental skill. Right before it activates, the player pauses the game and activates camera mode. Before Bennett falls back from the damage, the player has to hide the character using the camera mode feature, causing the player to infinitely fly in the direction they fell towards. Players would then position themselves to fly above the pigeons and plunge attack into them, gathering a bunch of Fowl, which can be used for cooking. Even if it does get fixed, another maintenance spent fixing this bug might be beneficial, as previous maintenance periods have come with free rewards.

The Reddit post was in response to players who simply used Diluc or Venti\’s elemental burst to kill all the pigeons. While their strategies are a lot easier to perform, only requiring the player to have their elemental burst ready, this method only requires the player to have Bennett, who is a 4-star unit. With how rare 5-stars are in the game, Bennett is likely more common to the average player in comparison to Diluc or Venti. Using the Fowl, players can make a bunch of different dishes, such as Smoked Fowl, Sweet Madame, and Chicken-Mushroom Skewer.  These dishes come in handy in a lot of battles early on, and getting access to a bunch of Fowl can be highly beneficial.

With players complaining about the lack of content in Genshin Impact, only time will tell how many exploits they will find and use. With the important endgame item Resin being minimal and the storyline being relatively short, players can do nothing but explore the world and look for potential exploits. It\’s actually a bit surprising there aren\’t more detrimental bugs regularly showing up, with how big the world is.