Though Genshin Impact fans are certainly growing accustomed to the game\’s general flow, developer miHoYo continues to try and keep the community alive with engaging new projects. The game is currently enjoying the tail-ends of its first major event, Unreconciled Stars, while players await the next set of expected arrivals with Version 1.2 of the game.

That being said, miHoYo is clearly making efforts to engage its playerbase with fun new content, outside of Genshin Impact itself. While the game\’s developers tend to frequently update fans via Twitter, with new character demo videos and the like, one of their most recent creations is a Facebook-only newsletter chock-full of hilarious data-driven game trivia.

miHoYo has taken to Facebook to share what it called the Teyvat Times, a kitschy newsletter that highlights not only practical information, like which dungeons seem to be the trickiest, but also delightful trivia, like how many players consider Paimon to be \”Emergency Food\” rather than a \”friend.\” These facts are all allegedly grounded in fact, as miHoYo seems to have collected player data ranging from drowning frequency to in-game dialogue choices in order to create the newsletter.

Volume 1 of the Teyvat Times contains five larger categories, two \”P\’s\” and three \”D\’s,\” so to speak: Paimon, Pigeons, Death, Domains, and Dishes. Paimon, the Traveler\’s mysterious magical companion, has a section of the Times devoted to her, which reveals exactly how players feel about her, as per their first in-game interaction with Amber. In this case, an overwhelming 68 percent of Travelers seem to consider Paimon \”Emergency Food\” rather than a \”friend.\”

With regard to Pigeons, the other \”P,\” the Teyvat Times spotlights local Teyvat pigeon advocate, Timmie. Players who make a habit of frequenting popular Mondstadt sites have likely met the young man, who doesn\’t take well to the pigeon-scaring. As per the Teyvat Times, nearly 80 percent of players simply tell Timmie \”There\’s not much [they] can do about it,\” while only 10 percent of players offer to console him.

As for Death, Teyvat Times Volume 1 reveals that the Traveler who had officially drowned the greatest number of times, had drowned precisely 2,576 times, at the time of publication. Moreover, it seems that at least 14,875,242 Travelers have \”died falling from extreme heights after running out of Stamina,\” while an average of 275,467 players fall to their deaths every day. miHoYo notes, Travelers \”gotta be more careful when venturing outdoors!\”

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.