Genshin Impact recently released a new promotional video detailing aspects of the game\’s upcoming update, some of which are expected, like new characters, and others, entirely surprising. Along with new characters, events, and quests, players can apparently look forward to a cameo from developer miHoYo\’s President Forrest Liu.

miHoYo announced that the new content coming to Genshin Impact would certainly include exciting never-before-seen quests, characters, and challenges, but an IGN interview has confirmed that one of the new \”things\” in question is a unique monster based on the company\’s own president. Producer and CEO Hugh Tsai confirmed that there would be a new special sort of hilichurl present in the game\’s Version 1.1 update.

Tsai revealed that one of the Genshin Impact Version 1.1 features would be a new monster, designed by the miHoYo team \”as an in-game cameo of [their] company president, Forrest Liu, in hilichurl form.\” The Forrest Hilichurl will apparently be appearing once the new update is available, though players remain uncertain if this will be a permanent feature or not. After all, Forrest Hilichurl could simply be a fun play on words and continue to exist as a plant-magic wielding hilichurl, or, it could appear as a limited-time-only hidden opponent.

Aside from the Forrest Hilichurl, players can anticipate meeting new playable Genshin Impact characters like Childe, Diona,  Xinyan, and Zhongli, all of who were introduced by the Version 1.1 trailer. Although players also don\’t know which of these characters will be officially promoted via \”banner,\” it\’s generally accepted that they\’ll all be making their playable debuts with the November 11th update.

The inclusion of Forrest Hilichurl would mark the tenth sort of encounterable hilichurl in Genshin ImpactThese goblin-esque mask-wearing creatures inhabit all of Teyvat, and appear in various forms that wield varying weapons and Elemental abilities. Although there\’s already a Dendro-aligned hilichurl (Dendro being the game\’s plant-based magic,) it\’s technically one of the more powerful, small-framed, samachurls, which wield staffs. A Forrest Hilichurl could manifest itself as a physical Dendro-aligned attacker, for example.