It\’s been a little over a week now since Genshin Impact released and seemed to command the attention of anyone willing to listen. The free-to-play game evoking comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild seems to be the topic of conversation, especially when it comes to its future plans. Now it seems developer and publisher miHoYo is ready to reveal those plans, as it presented its roadmap for update 1.1, which launches November 11.

miHoYo provided insight into Genshin Impact\’s current state on its official site. It was there that it explained that the team encountered various problems with performance following launch that it hadn\’t anticipated. Some of these problems included \”all kinds of stuck problems, attack plug-ins, abnormal battles, etc….\” This is most likely due to miHoYo not anticipating Genshin Impact\’s overwhelmingly successful launch of over 21 million players within the first few days.

It seems that it\’s due to these Genshin Impact bugs that players haven\’t been able to enjoy any of the new festivals that miHoYo has planned for the game as it explained that it didn\’t finish arranging for the festivals until around October 1. However, the developer then went on to explain that the content for the game\’s upcoming versions is currently under steady development, letting players know that they can expect a major version update every 6 weeks with the update day generally falling on a Wednesday.

On November 11, players can look forward to the previously rumored 1.1 update. While no information was given on if this will include the new characters and region that was previously leaked, miHoYo stated that this is when players will be able to begin participating in the Unreturned Star Off event. Version 1.2 will launch on December 23 and will introduce a new snowy-themed area called the Longji Snow Mountain. Finally, version 1.3 is expected to release in February 2021 where miHoYo expects to launch the Sea Lantern Festival, which had previously given the development team issues in previous tests.

miHoYo finished its post off by thanking Genshin Impact players for their overwhelming support and apologizing for not updating them sooner. It then promised that it will continue to analyze problems and solve them seriously while doing a better job of updating players in the future. It\’s through this promise and these upcoming updates that miHoYo seems bent on making Genshin Impact a long lasting success for players around the globe.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.