Travelers stumble upon Genshin Impact treasure chests more often than not when traversing Teyvat. The game boasts many chests out in the open, while also hiding myriad treasures behind hidden doorways, boulders, and even challenges.

Most of those playing Genshin Impact quickly grow used to the game\’s various forms of treasure-hiding: fallen debris, vines and bramble, secret local challenge, etc. But despite the game\’s numerous instances of secret loot, a large number of treasures can also be found hiding in plain sight, like the chests in a secret Stone Gate cavern.

Some of the frequently seen treasure challenges include lighting up Elemental beacons in weird places, or defeating a nearby mob of enemies, but normally, these challenges are made obvious by a nearby, visible-but-inaccessible, treasure chest. When Genshin Impact hides its objects in the more traditional sense, it becomes ironically more difficult for many players to find them, seeing as Travelers often rely on easy tactics, like Elemental Sight.

This particular secret treasure trove will be found along the Stone Gate mountainsides. This area hugs the west border of Dragonspine (one of the currently inaccessible areas in Genshin Impact), and can be reached by heading southwest of the Dawn Winery. Once there, players should head directly east of the Stone Gate text marker on the map. The cave in question is approximately at the point that is both directly east of the Stone Gate text, and directly north of the Sal Terrae text, on the map.

Travelers will find themselves crossing a shoddy wooden bridge, which, upon further inspection, actually crosses over a small cavern. If players hop down into the rocky crevice, they\’ll find a special chamber containing not only two Exquisite Chests, but also one Precious Chest. These hidden Teyvat chests are particularly valuable just by nature of their literal rarity (Precious Chests are hard to come by in Teyvat), so players who are on the hunt for new Artifacts, or for Artifact EXP fodder, should absolutely check this out.

Thankfully, getting to these chests only involves mindful scavenging, rather than special Elemental tricks, so once the location\’s been found, the deal\’s done. That said, Travelers shouldn\’t forget the value of \”lazy\” tactics like Elemental Sight. This special Elemental vision allows players to find green spirits known as Seelie, and help them to their homes. This is yet another form of hidden treasure in Genshin Impact, so it\’s definitely worth the time if already on the treasure-hunt.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.