Genshin Impact: Should Players Pull On The 2.3 Weapons Banner?

Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.3 update will feature the Favonious Knights, Albedo and Eula, as returning 5-star characters for the game\’s limited-time Banners. The update will also present players an opportunity to pull for the 5-star weapons, Song of Broken Pines and Freedom-Sworn, which were previously released on Genshin Impact\’s limited Epitome Invocation Wishes. With the release of several Banners and the anticipated Arataki Itto arriving during the second half of the Version 2.3 update, players will need to weigh the cost and benefits before attempting to pull on the weapons Banner.

Most Banners featuring promotional characters or weapons in Genshin Impact are limited-timed events that increase the odds for players to obtain a specific unit or equipment. Weapons are especially useful in the game because the item isn\’t limited to one particular character and can be changed and equipped to different allies. With the new weapon pity system in Genshin Impact, players will have better chances to acquire the desired 5-star weapon. Additionally, Cinnabar Spindle can be claimed in the Dragonspine event, for those looking for a nice new weapon for Albedo.

Genshin Impact\’s 2.3 weapons Banner will also have multiple 4-star weapons players can pull for. The Lion\’s Roar is a sword that increases damage against enemies affected by Pyro or Electro. The Wine and Song along with the Sacrificial Greatsword are weapons that increase Energy Recharge stats for catalyst and claymore users. Dragon\’s Bane is a good polearm for Elemental Mastery-focused characters and the Alley Hunter is a unique bow that provides increase damage for off-field supporters. As promotional 4-star weapons, it\’ll also give players an opportunity to increase the refinement levels for the weapons.

Genshin Impact: Song of Broken Pines & Freedon-Sworn Are Great But Niche Weapons

The Song of Broken Pines and the Freedom-Sworn are great 5-star weapons, but players will find little use for the sword or claymore if the weapons aren\’t being used by the right characters. The Song of Broken Pines is excellent for physical damage dealers like Razor or Eula in Genshin Impact since the claymore increases the character\’s Physical DMG bonus stat. Other characters, however, will not benefit because the weapon is strictly limited to a physical DPS build. Elemental-focused claymore users like Diluc, Beidou, Sayu, or Chongyun will perform better with a general ATK boost weapon like the Wolves Gravestone or the Unforged.

The Freedom-Sworn is another niche weapon. The sword has a strong support effect that increases the party\’s damage, but because the sword increases Elemental Mastery, very few characters will benefit from the weapon. Out of the current eleven sword users in the game, only one character can take full advantage of the Freedon-Sworn. Aside from Kazuha in Genshin Impact, who will benefit the most when using the sword, other characters will perform far better with other stat boosts like increased CRIT damage or Energy Recharge.

Players should pull on the Version 2.3 weapons Banner if their intention is to strengthen a physical DPS claymore user or an Elemental Mastery-focused sword user. If gamers do not have such characters or build, it is better to save Primogems for a weapon that is best suited for more characters. Players will also have the opportunity to obtain the Cinnabar Spindle as a reward during the Dragonspine event. The free 4-star weapon increases DEF stats and will be great for Albedo in Genshin Impact.

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