Travelers have been enjoying the latest Genshin Impact update since mid-November, but the patch continues to present new surprises even as December draws near. With the Unreconciled Stars event now arriving at its third phase, players have yet another way to participate in this Version 1.1 event for a chance at a free copy of Fischl, the Electro archer.

Players began to collect Fading Star\’s Might as part of the first phase of Unreconciled Stars, while the second phase provided additional means for collecting the rare Genshin Impact substance. Phase Three, titled \”Star of Destiny,\” finally introduces a method for obtaining the valuable Fading Star\’s Essence that is needed to purchases rarities like the Crown of Sagehood from the Event Shop.

Star of Destiny is the third of three phases of the Unreconciled Stars event in Genshin Impact. Phase One, Unknown Stars, began on November 16, with Star of Deceitful Dreams, the second phase, following shortly thereafter on November 18. Both of the first two phases allowed players to gather Fading Star\’s Might in various ways, while also occasionally rewarding Ascension Materials, mora, and Primogems.

The third phase of this event gives players more opportunities to earn Primogems, and finally allows players to partake in the Fallen Star challenge, which not only grants Fading Star\’s Essence upon completion but also counts towards the completion of the Prinzessin\’s Pact that bestows players with a copy of Fischl. To participate in Fallen Star, players will first have to complete the newly available \”What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals\” quest, which in turn unlocks the Star of Destiny phase of Unreconciled Stars. Players can earn upwards of 100 Primogems from the Star of Destiny phase, but more importantly, the Fading Star\’s Essence rewarded from its Fallen Star challenge can be redeemed for rare Talent Ascension books, and the event-exclusive Ascension Material known as the Crown of Sagehood.

The Star of Destiny phase is mostly comprised of the Fallen Star challenge. This challenge is sort of similar to the notion of salvaging Meteorite Remains found in Star of Deceitful Dreams – players will approach a large fallen meteor, or \”star\” in this case, and proceed to defeat waves of enemies in exchange for a reward. In Fallen Star challenges, players will need to gather celestial energy by defeating enemies, and then successfully deliver it to the fallen star without being interrupted. Fallen Star can also be challenged with friends in co-op mode. Either way, it rewards players with valuable Fading Star\’s Essence in exchange for Original Resin upon completion, and moreover, functions as part of the Prinzessin\’s Pact.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.