Sucrose is a playable character in the open world RPG Genshin Impact. She is an alchemist who uses magic and Anemo skills to cause wind-based damage. Many of her elemental attacks can cause AoE damage to hit multiple enemies at once. With the best character build, Sucrose will be a great asset in any Genshin Impact character party.

Currently, the only way to obtain Sucrose is through the game\’s Wish system, a gacha pull mechanic, which means getting Genshin Impact\’s Sucrose is based purely on luck. She\’s a fairly common pull, however, so many players have her on their teams already. Although she\’s outshined by Venti when it comes to Anemo users, Sucrose is still a great addition to a party, especially once the story moves into Liyue and the Traveler attunes to the Geo element.