Fans of Genshin Impact have certainly been vocal ever since the game launched a little less than two weeks ago. Whether it comes to what features they think developer miHoYo should add in the next update, or who they believe the best characters in Genshin Impact are, players seem to have no problem giving their opinions on the game. Now it seems these players can give their opinion directly to miHoYo through a new survey the developer has started circulating.

Players can find a new Genshin Impact survey on the miHoYo website. This survey primarily asks players for their opinions on the Genshin Impact Facebook page, as well as their opinions on various pieces of art for the game. Some of the art featured includes various characters from the game such as Diluc, Jean, Xiao, and Childe.

This seems like the best time for miHoYo to survey the Genshin Impact player base. It was recently reported that Genshin Impact had been downloaded more than 17 million times on mobile alone. On top of that, miHoYo reported that the game had been downloaded more than 21 million times within the first four days of launch, making it the most successful launch in Chinese game history. With such a large audience, it seems that miHoYo is sure to get a big sampling of opinions in its survey.

It might be interesting for players to discover that there are no questions on this survey about Genshin Impact\’s gacha mechanics or microtransactions. These mechanics and microtransactions have been hotly debated within the Genshin Impact community, with some players contending that Genshin Impact\’s microtransactions are some of the best in the video game industry.

This information is also good for miHoYo to learn as it prepares for upcoming major updates. The developer updated players recently with a roadmap that detailed updates 1.1 through 1.3. These major updates will include a variety of new world events and introduce new regions for players to explore. This all kicks off with Version 1.1 on November 11 with the Unreturned Star Off event.

However, there may be some fans of Genshin Impact that aren\’t fans of the politics surrounding the game. It was recently discovered by players that Genshin Impact\’s in-game chat censors the words \’Taiwan\’ and \’Hong Kong.\’ With miHoYo being a Chinese developer, the company must comply with China\’s laws and regulations in regard to \”maintaining China\’s unity,\” whether its fans agree with this or not.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.