Genshin Impact players have recently been enjoying small quality-of-life improvements alongside the debut of Pyro mage Klee. This mischief-maker\’s arrival in the game has been well-received, though players still lack substantial story content around the fiery character.

However, a new in-game message from Klee herself has Genshin Impact players speculating that a new event, or simply new content, featuring the character may be coming to the game. The message not only features alleged secrets, but also includes several tokens of appreciation from the pyromaniac.

Klee, also known as the Fleeing Sunlight, is a child and one of the fabled Knights of Favonius. She is generally restricted to the Confinement Chamber, as her penchant for explosives seems to get her into trouble, but the popular Pyro Vision five-star character has sent players the first of a series of five messages, all presumably pertaining to the same \”Little Secret.\”

The message includes several items that Klee \”tripped over\” while out on a walk: 200 Primogems, 1 Fragile Resin, and 5 copies of Hero\’s Wit. Fragile Resin can be used to restore 60 Original Resin, and Hero\’s Wit is a four-star material that grants 20,000 Experience upon consumption. Primogems are Genshin Impact\’s form of premium currency, so needless to say most Travelers would be lucky to trip over these items.

Klee has gifted these findings to players, while letting them in on a \”little secret.\” The character has apparently decided to go on a \”very big, totally safe adventure.\” This adventure is evidently supposed to be a secret, so players won\’t be seeing a Klee and Jean combo anytime soon, but she assures players she will send a gift tomorrow too if she finds anything \”cool.\”

If this message follows suit with Klee\’s usual style of communication, players can expect the adventure to be as dangerous as it is big. The character is notorious for claiming her bomb-like magic is \”not for fish-exploding,\” even when it does explode fish with unmatched finesse. That being said, players still don\’t actually know what this \”adventure\” entails.

Based on the title of the message, players can expect four more letters from Klee in the future. Aside from that, Travelers must await further notice from the Fleeing Sunlight about whether this ends up contributing to an in-game event, or simply indicates the ongoing development of story content. Either way, players should be mindful of Klee\’s request to keep quiet, and maybe expect to see more Primogems soon.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and the PS4.