Genshin Impact is out, and people are loving it. At first, we thought it would be like most other mobile games, but it\’s clear now that this one is different. GI is an open-world exploration-focused RPG with action mechanics and some super-lenient Gacha systems spread throughout it. It has a decently long main questline, with more on the way, and tons of things to do and grind for outside of the main narrative.

That said, it does have its fair share of flaws, as any new game usually does, and we\’re sure most of this stuff will be fixed quite soon (especially if they take fan complaints into consideration). But, in case it doesn\’t, we want to warn players ahead of time what minor annoyances to expect when they jump in.


10 The Ability To Change Keybinds

This is the biggest one and for good reason, what game doesn\’t allow players to change their key-bindings these days? Well, Among Us doesn\’t, but that\’s a much smaller title made by three people. That\’s right, Genshin Impact has its buttons locked, with no way to modify or change them on PC or console, which can be super annoying depending on the preferences of the player.

9 A Specific Button For Party Setup

At some point in the development, it was probably decided that there shouldn\’t be a button for this, but that decision was wrong. Genshin Impact desperately needs a keybinding for the Party Setup screen. We get that being able to swap party members quickly sort of takes away from the 4-character system of Genshin Impact, but what takes away from the game as a whole is the annoying amount of times we\’ve had to wait for the Party screen to load, switch the new character in, exit out, solve the puzzle, then do it all over again to switch them back out. Sure, players can set-up multiple parties to switch between in this menu, but that is still in no way as convenient as it should be.

8 Let Players Collect Items All At Once

For a game that has players constantly popping open chests with 3+ items inside, it sure is weird that they have to spam the interact button in order to pick them all up, and that there\’s a touch of input delay between each press. It\’s common sense that games that have tons of pickups at every turn should have a \”Collect All\” button. MMORPGs have it, Bethesda games have it, most games, in general, have this feature. But Genshin Impact doesn\’t for some reason. It\’s fine early on but players will find that this lack of an option is a constant minor annoyance each and every time they play. Though, thankfully, if players use their scroll wheel up and down while spamming interact, it does pick them up a tad faster.


7 Give Us More Map Pins

There are a lot of things to worry about in regards to collecting, upgrading, and building. There are cooking materials, ores, weapons, artifacts, upgrade/talent/ascension materials, chests, shrines, and Oculi. In particular, the Anemo and Geo Oculi are used to upgrade the overall stamina amount at Shrines and have achievements and quests tied to when a player gathers all of them. So, the game is incentivizing players to gather them all.


But, if that\’s the case, why aren\’t they automatically pinned on the map once the player finds one? Why leave it up to the player to make a pin every single time these things are collected? And, even more than that, why only allow the player to Pin 99 things when there are more than 200 Oculi, 20+ shrines, and tons of great farming/mining spots?


6 Increase The Gliding Speed Or Let Players Experiment With It

It might be a bit rude to Genshin Impact to say this, but there are such obvious similarities between it and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Overall, the two titles are pretty different, but there are a lot of small similarities and a few big ones, one of which is the Gliding. GI has running, climbing, and gliding as its main forms of terrain traversal, with a stamina bar that restricts them (though characters like Amber can reduce that stamina usage). Yet, unlike Breath of the Wild\’s gliding, which felt weighty yet quick, Impact\’s is oddly floaty and a little too slow. Speed it up by like 15-20% and players will be so immensely grateful.

5 See The Stats Of Artifacts Used As Enhancement Materials

The Artifact System in Genshin replaces what the armor system would be in most other games. They function essentially the same way but the classifications are different. Instead of armor for the head, arms, chest, waist, and feet its a flower, a feather, an hourglass/watch, a headpiece, and a cup. Upgrading Artifacts is also pretty important, and works by feeding lower rarity artifacts into the better ones. But most artifacts have slightly different Main stats, and the four they get from leveling up are randomized as well, so it can be really annoying not being able to see the stats of the artifacts a player selects as an \”Enhancement Material.\” We just want to make sure we\’re not grinding up all our +attack items that could be used for building our best team is all.


4 Add Up and Down Arrows For Oculi Icon

This is another small complaint targeted towards the massive amount of Oculi players are expected to collect, but those star icons that represent them on the mini-map really should have up or down arrows to indicate their height relative to the player. Literally, every other icon in the game has one to tell players if the enemy or waypoint is above or below where they\’re currently standing. Oculi are the only ones that don\’t, and, even worse, sometimes the star doesn\’t even show up unless the player is at a certain height. So, someone could walk under an Oculi, check a map to see if they\’re in the right spot, see that there\’s no icon on their map (because they\’re too low), and walk away thinking they must\’ve already got this one.

3 More Multiplayer Content In General

Genshin Impact wasn\’t built as a multiplayer-focused game. But, with that said, the co-op mode should be more expansive considering how many people downloaded this game exclusively to play with friends. The fact that co-op doesn\’t unlock until AR 16 and that players can\’t do Spiral Abyss or Domains with friends is just so weird.

We get that they didn\’t want to make it so playing in multiplayer was 100% better than single player, but considering players can already use co-op to grind out the trackable Elite mobs and resources, that\’s already happened.


2 Fix The Lack Of Fresh Content In Endgame

Genshin Impact is likely doing better than the developers expected it would. And, honestly, it deserves the popularity. But the game isn\’t exactly \”complete\” quite yet, as the main story sort of stops at a certain point. Past this \”ending,\” it becomes sort of a slog, especially at the higher AR levels. Players can use all their free Resin within an hour, and if they don\’t have quests to do once that\’s done, there\’s really not much more reason to keep a session going other than for repetitive grinding.

1 Make Monster Killing Feel More Rewarding

Level 30 players will have needed about 300k EXP for a single character, and killing one monster can give anywhere between 15 and 40. It\’s such a minuscule amount in comparison to what characters need, that it\’s more insulting than if they just didn\’t give EXP at all. We get that the design of the game was tailored for using the Experience Books, but then why should players ever fight monsters that aren\’t actively guarding a chest or one that drops the exact materials they want?