Genshin Impact has taken the internet by storm and has welcomed millions of players into its vast landscape. This free open-world RPG has many engaging features to keep adventurers active, which is one of the many reasons it’s gained so much popularity. With a massive influx of new users, many are searching for ways to progress through the game and see all it has to offer.

There are 2 different types of experience that can be earned, which both go toward separate level systems. Character level-ups enhance individual characters and allow them to gain stronger attacks and powers, while adventure rank unlocks more areas of the world for exploration along with more mechanics. The faster these are raised, the more of Genshin Impact’s world players have access to. Here are ways to quickly level up both.

Leveling Up Fast in Genshin Impact

Like most RPGs, defeating enemies will directly give experience to players. However, they also drop experience materials players can pick up. The exp materials can be used to level up each character individually, so players can choose which to raise based on playstyle or favoritism. To do so, go to the character customization screen and select the Level Up option in the bottom right of the Attributes tab. These experience materials are also given as rewards for completing quests and dungeons, so completing many will let players improve their allies further. Improving adventure rank is important for unlocking new quests, which can be increased through exploration. Finding new landmarks, statues, and completing dungeons will all raise adventure rank, so starting players should explore the realm of Teyvat as much as they can. Defeating bosses is another way to gain experience, so be on the lookout for them.

Once they reach adventure rank 8, players are granted the ability to use ley lines on the map. These landmarks are mysterious locations that players can use to exchange their resin for experience. Resin is a resource in the game with a variety of uses that replenishes over time. The maximum amount obtainable at once is 120, which refills completely over a course of 16 hours (though it can be refilled with certain items). There are 2 different ley lines that can be used, the Blossom of Wealth, and the Blossom of Revelation. While both give adventure experience, Revelation also gives character experience, making it a better investment for those wanting to quickly level up both. These ley lines are found all of the land, and when one is used, another one appears elsewhere. They can be found by looking at their marker on the map. There is a small horde of enemies that must be defeated first, but then the blossom will sprout up for use. After it\’s used, look for the next one and repeat the cycle until enough experience is earned. Because it helps grant both types of experience, prioritize leveling up adventure rank so this feature can be used quicker.