Genshin Impact to Introduce Zhongli In the Latest banner

Genshin Impact has turned out to be a blockbuster hit of the year, attracting millions of players around the world. The sudden explosion of this free-to-play RPG can mainly be attributed to its unique gameplay design, robust roster of interesting characters, and elemental combat system.

As the game continues to astonish fans, Mihoyo Studio is gearing up to introduce a new character in Zhongli with the new banner.

Genshin Impact introduces Zhongli

In a recent post, the developers revealed further information on what the character will look like, the lore, and his kit of abilities.

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The character’s abilities will be as follows:

Basic attack Rain of stone

It will serve as his quick attack, allowing Zhongli to unleash a barrage of 6 strikes.

Charge attack

Will consume a considerable amount of stamina, while allowing Zhongli to break into a forward lunge. This attack will cause stone spears to appear in his trail, dealing Geo damage to the enemies.

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Basic elemental skill (E): Dominus Lapidis (Tap)

Zhongli can summon a climbable stone monolith on the battlefield when you tap the ability once. It will deal AOE Geo damage to the enemies nearby, and the monolith can also block projectiles.  Only one such monolith can exist at a time, while additional Geo constructs on the battlefield will empower its AOE damage.

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Basic elemental skill(E): Dominus Lapidis (Hold)

Adding more layers to Zhongli’s kit, the basic ability can do a lot more than just summoning a stone Monolith. Holding the (E) key down will cause Geo energies in the environment to explode, granting a jade shield that can absorb damage.

The jade shield’s damage absorption scales with Zhongli’s maximum HP,  granting a 250% Geo damage absorption buff, while also dealing AOE damage. Not just that, it can also drain Geo energy from 2 random Geo elemental enemies present on the battlefield.

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Elemental Burst (Q): Planet Befall

Perhaps one of the coolest ultimate abilities present in the game, Zhongli can summon a meteor from the sky onto his enemies. The meteor deals massive Geo damage to the enemies while applying Petrification on impact. Petrification will cause the enemies to remain immobile for the duration, making it easy to finish them all off.

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Judging by his abilities, it seems like Zhongli will be a strong DPS Geo character that can pair well with other Geo characters like Ningguang and Noel. The combination of the duo has already proven to be great. The addition of Zhongli to that equation can make the dream team of Geos a strong possibility.

What do you think about the character? Will you build a Geo only team around Zhongli? Let us know in the comments below. 

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