With Zhongli\’s dedicated Character Event Wish Banner, Gentry of Hermitage, going live today, Genshin Impact developer MiHoYo has released a trailer highlighting the new Geo hero to help players decide if they should attempt to summon him or save their Primogems.

Just last month, Genshin Impact released the highly anticipated five-star character Tartaglia, also known by his nickname Childe, in a dedicated Banner titled Farewell of Snezhnaya. He released alongside the Version 1.1 update to Genshin Impact because the rest of the Liyue story culminates around Tartaglia and the Fatui Harbingers. Zhongli, another rare five-star character, is also a key character in this storyline, and now he has his own dedicated Banner alongside his full release.

Unlike Tartaglia\’s smug demeanor, Zhongli is stoic and calm in the face of disaster, gracefully assisting the Traveler in the final act of the Liyue storyline, A New Star Approaches. He\’s described as being a calm, reserved, and polite man with a background shrouded in mystery. Zhongli\’s character trailer is aptly named \”Dominance of Earth,\” but he has one small quirk that pops up throughout the third Liyue act: he\’s terrible with Mora.

His combat and playstyle, however, are what is getting Genshin Impact players so amped up for his arrival to the game and is largely highlighted in the trailer. He\’s the first polearm wielder with a Geo Vision on the roster, making him exceptionally unique. His passive talents aren\’t to be overlooked either. With the ability to refund 15% of ores used when crafting polearm weapons, this can be valuable to players who forge many weapons at the Blacksmith.

Zhongli\’s normal attacks and Elemental Skills are what one would expect from a character with a Geo Vision. Similar to the Geo Traveler, Zhongli\’s Elemental Skill allows him to create a Geo Construct, this time, a tall slender pillar that can be used both in battle to deal radiating Geo and Crystallize Damage as well as to climb when exploring Teyvat. This will also create a shield of jade, scaling off his Max HP.

Without spoiling anything major, Genshin Impact players get a chance to play as Zhongli in A New Star Approaches, so many already know just how over-powered his ultimate attack can be. His Elemental Burst releases a falling meteor from the sky and plummets into Earth, dealing massive Geo Damage and petrifies enemies. What makes it so powerful, however, is that its attack percent one of the highest in the game as well as one of the shortest cooldowns.

Zhongli certainly has massive potential as a character, as highlighted in his character trailer, but players shouldn\’t miss the upcoming Pyro four-star Xinyan, also with an increased pull rate on his Banner, as well as Razor and Chongyun.

Genshin Impact is available now on mobile devices, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.