Genshin Impact players were finally introduced to the much anticipated Version 1.1 event, Unreconciled Stars, on November 16. The three-part event promises players a chance at earning the popular Electro-wielding character, Fischl, one-of-a-kind Talent Ascension materials, and more.

Thus far, Unreconciled Stars has allowed Genshin Impact players the opportunity to collect upwards of 150 Fading Star\’s Might, which can be redeemed in the Event Shop for valuable prizes. While Travelers were able to search three different meteor impact sites on Day 1 of the event, Day 2 brings in an additional three new impact sites.

The Meteorite Shards that landed on Day 2 of Genshin Impact\’s Unreconciled Stars event can be found near Dadaupa Gorge, Qingyun Peak, and Yaoguang Shoal. Specifically, Travelers will be looking for the following numbers of Meteorite Shards in each region:

  • Dadaupa Gorge – 19 Meteorite Shards
  • Qingyun Peak – 20 Meteorite Shards
  • Yaoguang Shoal – 17 Meteorite Shards

Generally speaking, players should aim to start at higher points on the map, so as to travel as fast as possible, but since the Meteorite Shards won\’t despawn until the event concludes, speed isn\’t all too important. That being said, Redditors like u/Lyralei13 have shared wonderfully convenient maps to help fans be sure they\’re finding them all.

Together with the Meteorite Shards that landed on Day 1 of Unreconciled Stars, this makes for a current working total of 218 possible Meteorite Shards. This number includes the 162 Meteorite Shards available on Day 1, which takes into account the Shards earned from the three extra Meteoric Wave quests.

Once within range of a Shard, simply keep an eye out for a shining blue rock fragment, or wait for the currently selected character\’s Elemental Vision to begin resonating and glowing – these are both indicative of a nearby Meteorite Shard. Players who\’ve been tracking down the game\’s new Bounties should be familiar with the general chase.

Meteorite Shards from Day 1 are still available to players who didn\’t track them all down as well, and they will remain available (alongside the Day 2 Meteorite Shards) for the duration of the event. Players should also note that although the event concludes on November 30, the Event Shop is scheduled to remain available until December 6.

Aside from these Shards, players can expect more from three additional Meteoric Wave quests that become available on November 18, when the second phase of Unreconciled Stars officially kicks off. Whereas players up until now have been tasked with warning locals of the imminent danger, and scouring the Teyvat map for Meteorite Shards, the second phase of the event promises new sorts of challenges, which include passive bonuses for characters like Tartaglia, Xiangling and Beidou as well.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.