Genshin Impact finally introduced its first major update earlier last week with the arrival of Version 1.1. Players were able to meet new playable characters like Tartaglia and Diona right off the bat, while miHoYo promised further additions, like a special event and more new characters, in the very near future.

As of November 16, the Unreconciled Stars event is officially underway in Genshin Impact. This event will extend into early December, and allows players the chance to earn valuable rewards like a coveted Crown of Sagehood and the four-star Electro Vision holder, Fischl.

Unreconciled Stars consists of an in-game event that features a mysterious case of sleep-inducing meteorites. It seems that Teyvat locals are falling into deep slumbers upon coming into contact with these foreign objects, and as the crisis unfolds, Travelers are tasked with helping collect samples and reawakening the locals. The event allows players to collect Fading Star\’s Might and Fading Star\’s Essence, which can, in turn, be redeemed for unique rewards from the Event Shop.

Players interested in eventually maxing out any Genshin Impact character\’s Talents should pay close attention to this shop, as it offers the first available Crown of Sagehood in the game. These valuable items are required to reach the final level of every Talent currently in the game, and they\’re only obtainable through events like this one.

Aside from the Crown of Sagehood, players can redeem their Essence and Might for various Ascension and upgrade materials, while also contributing towards the Prinzessin\’s Pact challenges, which grant players a free copy of four-star Electro powerhouse, Fischl, upon completion. Unreconciled Stars will develop over the course of three phases, with the first, Unknown Star, beginning on November 16. The three phases are as follows:

  1. Unknown Star – 11/16
  2. Star of Deceitful Dreams – 11/18
  3. Star of Destiny – 11/23

Each of the three phases will introduce three new World Quests as part of the \”Meteoric Wave,\” all of which will reward Fading Star\’s Might and Essence, Primogems, and mora, upon completion. In addition to this, each phase will require the completion of a brief assignment from the Adventurer\’s Guild before unlocking.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.