Genshin Impact fans have been enjoying the new free-to-play hit\’s full release for just about a month now, and as such, the desire for new content is beginning to grow. While the beta thankfully gave players a decent idea of what content to expect, Travelers have still had no idea what\’s arriving when, until recently.

miHoYo has now released the official Genshin Impact Version 1.1 Announcement Trailer video. This 30 second promo showcases gorgeous Liyue architecture and landscapes before shifting gears and delivering gameplay previews of several new characters, like the insanely popular Childe.

First things first: the release date for Genshin Impact\’s first major version update will be November 11th, 2020. Travelers can expect an influx of new content, and probably a new character banner, to be arriving in just over a week.

Update 1.1 most likely won\’t introduce new continents or regions to Genshin Impact, but it will certainly expand on existing story lines, quests, and character-driven narratives.

Characters like Childe and Zhongli, the king of efficient mining, have been present in the game\’s story since release, so players are already at least somewhat familiar with their personages. That said, the game\’s next featured character has remained a complete mystery since the release of Pyro mage Klee and her promotional banner.

Many fans speculated Xiao might be the next major Genshin Impact character, but as of this trailer, it\’s reasonable to believe that Childe and Zhongli may be headlining the update. In fact, Xiao wasn\’t mentioned at all. Xinyan and Diona, new Pyro and Cryo characters, respectively, even had a short ability display, while the much-anticipated Xiao went unmentioned. Of course, many fans argue that this may actually be a good thing.

Given the revelatory nature of this surprise announcement trailer, it wouldn\’t be out of the question for miHoYo to hold onto one last trick up its sleeves. That is, perhaps Genshin Impact is saving Xiao for a grand finale surprise, once the update actually hits. Naturally, this is just speculation, and given the evidence provided, it\’s honestly safer to assume players will just have an awesome chance at obtaining one of the four revealed characters.