Genshin Impact fans have had a steady flow of new content to play with since the game\’s official release, barely two months ago. Despite the recent release of Version 1.1, including new characters, quests, and the imminent arrival of version 1.2, gamers keep searching for signs of even newer content, like this set of future in-game events.

Developer miHoYo has transparently begun taking legal action against particularly substantial leaks/leakers, but nonetheless, Genshin Impact rumors continue to circulate. Most recently, up-and-coming leaker \”NEP NEP\” tweeted a brief breakdown of a special Chinese-language stream dubbed the Genshin Voice Actor Mini-Theater \”Mond Tea Party,\” which previewed a handful of upcoming events.

This stream was apparently Phase 3 of the so-called \”Mond Tea Party,\” and featured several minutes of new gameplay towards its end. Players should note that \”Mond\” is shorthand for Mondstadt in some Genshin Impact fan communities. The \”Tea Party\” featured several different voice actors who work on the Chinese version of the game, and gave players a glimpse at, namely, two upcoming Genshin Impact events.

While miHoYo just wrapped up Phase Three of its Unreconciled Stars event, there seem to be at least two other in-game occasions planned for the future. Both of these events seem to be accessible from the game\’s \”Event Menu\” page, where one would normally find daily login rewards, or access the Unreconciled Stars event. Both of the events also seem to reward one of the game\’s most precious resources, Primogems.

While one event seems to concern Teyvat food delivery, the other seems to be comprised of a series of gliding challenges. Needless to say, they are two entirely unique events, nothing like the Meteorite-hunting extravaganza that was Unreconciled Stars. The original bilibili (popular Chinese streaming site) video is available to view, but as per NEP NEP\’s handy translation, it seems that players are currently set to earn 60 Primogems daily for completing three distinct food deliveries. Each delivery bears its own reward as well including things like mora and upgrade materials, so that makes for 20 Primogems and a handful of items per delivery quest.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.