Up-and-coming developer miHoYo\’s Genshin Impact has garnered extensive praise for its bold attempt at expanding upon the distinct gameplay-style established by Nintendo\’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As part of its many features, the game boasts an impressive number of creatures, some rarer than others, tucked away throughout the corners of its expansive continent, Teyvat.

Travelers have had some time to explore the game now, and have begun to discover hidden treasure troves, unique bosses, and special Genshin Impact ingredients, however one benign critter has remained relatively unspoken of in most forums: the elusive Mora Weasel. This small brown weasel is found across the lands of Teyvat, and for lack of better words, is exactly what it sounds like.

Players who encounter a Mora Weasel will know they\’ve found one because of its distinctive shimmer, and the small satchel of mora (the game\’s currency) it carries. When seen, it will run from the player, dropping single mora at a time, until it burrows away. Players can then choose to investigate the Mora Weasel\’s burrow, which will prompt it to quickly tunnel away before re-emerging.

Players who want to maximize the amount of mora gain should actually attempt to strike Mora Weasels rather than simply chase them for their dropped coins. Unfortunately, the prize remains mora though, so players hoping for extra premium currency or Wishes will have to look elsewhere. That being said, adorable Mora Weasels will drop a modest lump-sum of mora when they\’re eliminated – the amounts vary, but reportedly fall as low as the 100s, and rise as high as the 1,500s.

Despite the in-game animation making it seem like Mora Weasels drop plentiful money as they run away, players should note that the individual mora gathered by this method will barely amount to 30 at best. Those hoping to maximize cash gains are encouraged to ready a powerful Genshin Impact claymore or catalyst (or any handy weapon, really). Moreover, the amount of mora dropped can be predicted based on the intensity of the Mora Weasel\’s glow, though of course, the weasels holding more mora seem to be rarer.

Insofar as location, particular Mora Weasels tend to spawn in the same general vicinities (for example, players report that there\’s \”usually\” a Mora Weasel somewhere along the stretch of Guyun Stone Forest). Another common Mora Weasel site is the region of surrounding flower fields located below Qingce Village (where there are Glaze Lilies). Aside from that, the only sure thing is that Mora Weasels spawn across the entirety of Teyvat. So Travelers should simply keep an eye out for small glowing weasels with a red sack of gold – alternatively, keep an eye out for small mounds of soil that can be investigated. While these are sometimes simply vegetables, a Mora Weasel\’s burrow bears a similar appearance.

Some players also speculate that letting a Mora Weasel run away from the player will affect the amount of mora ultimately dropped upon elimination, and that a player\’s World Level also affects their rarity, but these details remain entirely unconfirmed. Perhaps future updates will follow the Unusual Hilichurl route and players will find a unique Mora Weasel that grants other rewards, but for now, these coin-hoarding friends will have to suffice.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.