Genshin Impact has been a big deal this fall, offering a free-to-play anime-core alternative to Nintendo\’s hit Breath of the Wild. With two months under its belt, the game recently released its first major content update, and fans are beginning to take note of its more subtle additions, like unannounced items and ingredients.

Although miHoYo is generally transparent about Genshin Impact updates and patches, the developers understandably leave out some minor details that may be considered extraneous. While it\’s nice that new natural ingredients and plants like Horsetail are being added to the game, for example, most players will pay more attention to the flashier additions, like new playable characters and storylines.

That said, now that players have started to delve into the Version 1.1 content, they\’re beginning to take note of the more subtle updates to the game, like the abovementioned plants. Travelers playing the game right now will find themselves hunting down Meteorite Shards and Remains for the Unreconciled Stars event, so at some point or another, they\’ll find themselves wandering through the rocky Liyue terrains, where they\’ll stumble upon two new harvestable resources: Horsetail and Bamboo Shoots.

Horsetail are tall slender purple flowers that grow among the \”silvergrass\” found in Liyue. Apparently, \”dihua\” is local Liyue speak for silvergrass, and as such, players can find large swaths of the pale grass in the Dihua Marsh. Horsetails can be found poking up, higher than the tall silvergrass, all along the Dihua Marsh. Unfortunately, this ingredient currently serves no purpose in Genshin Impact, aside from being an aesthetically pleasing marsh thistle. In all likelihood, Horsetail will serve as an Ascension material for some character in the future though; perhaps a snooty or regal character, based on the item\’s description.

Bamboo Shoots, on the other hand, can be found growing just below/near stalks of bamboo. For an easy shot at multiple Bamboo Shoots, players can head to paths like the one found directly west of the Qingce Village text on the in-game map. Basically, if bamboo is growing, there should be bamboo shoots growing nearby too. These small bulbs, though less colorful than Horsetail, are at least already functional in the game. Players can use Bamboo Shoots to cook new Genshin Impact recipes, like the lofty Triple-Layered Consommé, made with Fowl, Ham, Mushrooms, and Bamboo Shoots. Players can receive this recipe from the Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue, and use it to boost their party\’s shield strength.

Although neither of these ingredients are considered Liyue Specialties, that makes sense; Liyue already has eight official designated Local Specialties. Many fans are speculating that future regions like Inazuma may feature bamboo and the like, leaving room for these new ingredients to serve as future Local Specialties, and thereby as character Ascension Materials.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.