MiHoYo gives Genshin Impact players a rather comprehensive battle system to enjoy while they explore Teyvat. With an array of seven total in-game elements, players find themselves swapping characters to build combos more often than not.

While many Genshin Impact Elements react with each other as one might expect (e.g. Hydro + Cryo leads to \”Frozen,\”) there are several reactions, like \”Swirl\” and \”Elemental Absorption,\” that are a bit less straightforward. Players who\’ve taken advantage of Anemo skills, like those employed by the game\’s main Traveler, will have probably experienced Swirl at some point, though its effects aren\’t always entirely clear.

Swirl is an Elemental Reaction rooted in the Anemo Element. Characters with an Anemo Vision, like Venti or Jean, can all use wind-based Anemo abilities, which allow the player to trigger powerful Swirl reactions with several other Elements. Elemental Absorption, on the other hand, is the passive effect that gives Swirl its true power. As its name implies, Elemental Absorption comes into effect when an Elemental attribute is absorbed by the person in question. This reaction will imbue their next attack with the absorbed Element.

So, if a skill with Elemental Absorption comes into contact with the Pyro Element, for example, that player\’s next attack/skill will deal additional Pyro Damage as well. For players acquainted with the Swirl reaction, this may seem familiar. The Swirl reaction essentially creates a whirlwind (or \”swirl\”) out of Anemo and one of four potential Genshin Impact Elemental counterparts.

Basically, Swirl occurs after an Anemo skill applies Elemental Absorption to either the Cryo, Electro, Hydro, or Pyro, Element. An Anemo skill will absorb only the first of these four elements it contacts, and spread it across a larger area, dealing Elemental Damage. So a player who creates a Swirl with the Pyro Element will generate a fiery whirlwind that deals additional Pyro Damage to surrounding enemies.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store and Google Play.