Genshin Impact players have been enjoying a three-part event, Unreconciled Stars, as part of the game\’s recent update to Version 1.1. Having started on November 16, 2020, Unreconciled Stars teams players up with Electro character Fischl to help solve a case of mysterious sleep-inducing meteorites.

Although the latest Genshin Impact event is unfolding over several phases, players can access the Unreconciled Stars Event Shop at any given moment to browse its offerings. As such, many players have begun to wonder about one item that stands out clearly from the rest: the Crown of Sagehood.

The Crown of Sagehood has never been seen in Genshin Impact up until now, and observant players have noticed that it can be found in the Event Shop as a reward. Unfortunately, it can only be purchased for Fading Star\’s Essence, which is still unavailable to players. Phase Two of the Unreconciled Stars event began on November 18, but its new features only allow for the collection of Fading Star\’s Might, so Crowns of Sagehood will most likely become available with Phase Three.

This impressive-looking headpiece is neither Artifact nor armor; in fact, the Crown of Sagehood is one of Genshin Impact\’s most valuable Ascension materials. The rare item will be made available periodically through events and special promotions, and cannot be obtained through normal gameplay. That said, it is an item eventually required by every character in Genshin Impact. Simply put, one Crown of Sagehood is required to bump any Talent up to Level 10. With each character bearing multiple Talents, this calls for several Crowns of Sagehood per character, so given that they\’re event-exclusive, players will want to gather more than one if possible.

Talent Ascension requires a handful of materials, some of which can only be obtained from powerful in-game Boss encounters, so players won\’t be rushing to use too many Crowns at any given moment. But still, it would be frustrating to have a single item impede a beloved character\’s much-needed growth. One Crown of Sagehood carries a price tag of 110 Fading Star\’s Essence, which seems to be on the expensive side. For scale, Mystic Enhancement Ores sell for 1 Essence each, and some of the more \”expensive\” items only run 4-12 Essence.

Travelers should also be aware that the Crown of Sagehood is currently marked as a Limited Item in the shop. This means that players won\’t simply be able to dump all of their Fading Star\’s Essence into the Ascension Material, and there will likely be a 3-to-5 Crown maximum imposed. Players can currently earn Fading Star\’s Might by salvaging Meteor Remains and gathering Meteorite Shards, but it seems that Fading Star\’s Essence will be rewarded for completing missions related to Phase Three of Unreconciled Stars, so players will have to stay tuned for further details as November 23 approaches.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.