The gigantic open world of Genshin Impact leaves a lot of mysteries to be explored. The action RPG has countless dungeons, challenges, and treasure chests to find. Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries in Genshin Impact is finding out what all the in-game currencies do. Genshin Impact has a LOT of different currencies to sort through, and Masterless Stardust is one players may be confused about, since the game doesn\’t explain it early on.

Whether it\’s farming for Primogem crystals or receiving Masterless Starglitter from one of the game\’s gacha pulls, there are plenty of currencies to keep track of in Genshin Impact. This includes Masterless Stardust that, like Starglitter, is obtained through RNG-based gacha pulls called Wishes. Because it all comes down to RNG, obtaining Stardust is beyond a player\’s control. However, there are definitely ways to obtain it, which the game doesn\’t necessarily explain.