Fans of developer miHoYo\’s new free-to-play RPG Genshin Impact since it released two weeks ago. It was recently reported that the game had already brought in over $100M in revenue in the past couple weeks, allowing the developer to recoup its development costs. While money seems to be the primary form of investment one could make in Genshin Impact, others have found that time is an equally large investment.

Whether they\’ve been spending time, money, or a combination of both, it\’s likely that players have reached a point where they are attempting to Ascend all of their characters. However, this is proving more difficult than expected for players that have acquired the professional chef from Liyue, Xiangling. This is due to one of her Ascension materials, the Jueyen Chili, being a little harder to find.

One of the factors that makes the Jueyen Chili so difficult to locate is that unlike a Damaged Mask or Divining Scroll, the Chilis don\’t drop when enemies are slain. Rather, Genshin Impact players must search for them in the wild growing off of bushes. Thankfully, there are a few areas that are rife with the tantalizing Chilis needed to Ascend Xiangling.

Qingce Village

Although the Jueyen Chilis may be tough to find, the material\’s description gives a good place to get started: Qinqce Village in Liyue. By teleporting to the waypoint marked just above the \’Q\’ on the map shown above and following the path through Qinqce Village, players should be able to find an ample amount of Chilis in order to help Ascend their favorite Liyue chef.

Jueyun Karst

The other area players will likely want to take advantage of is in Jueyun Karst. By teleporting to the Statue of the Seven near Qingyun Peak and gliding down, players will discover a cavern that leads towards the riverbed shown above. Along this pathway, players will be able to see multiple Jueyen Chili bushes before reaching the waypoint along the river. Just past this point, players will want to head northeast where they will find even more bushes to Ascend Xiangling.

By investing the time in Ascending Xiangling, players will find that she makes a great addition to any Genshin Impact team composition. Not only can she play the role of Support on a squad where Diluc is the main damage dealer, but her kit also allows her to thrive as a damage dealer as well.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.