Ascending weapons in Genshin Impact is vital to keeping characters strong and competitive against the ever increasing power of enemies in the game, but players will need to get certain ascension material first. Many weapons require Agent\’s Sacrificial Knife, and the game only tells players that the source for these is from Agents.

Every item in Genshin Impact displays where players can get it from. This feature is super helpful so that players aren\’t constantly needing to look up the location of items, but sometimes the sources leave a little to be desired. In the case of the Agent\’s Sacrificial Knife, the game tells players that they need to defeat Agents but not where to find them.

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What\’s more, the name Agent is a bit misleading as well, since the actual enemy is called Fatui Pyro Agent. More likely than not, more Fatui Agents of different elements such as Fatui Hydro Agents or Fatui Geo Agents will be added to the game in the future, but for now these are the only ones available for players to hunt down. Because this can be a little confusing at first, especially for new players, Fatui Pyro Agents are the enemies that drop Sacrificial Knives, as there is no enemy called just Agent.

There are a total of eight Fatui Pyro Agents that spawn in the map currently, and each of them can be defeated once daily, allowing eight total chances to get Agent\’s Sacrificial Knives. All of these enemies spawn in Liyue, so players will need to head there before searching for these. For the first location, players should warp to the Dunyu Ruins Statue of the Seven. Fly straight ahead towards the tree with golden leaves and the Agent is found there. Next, players should warp to the Guyun Stone Forest teleport stone and head southwest. A little bit of island hopping will lead to another Agent.

For the third agent, warp to the teleport stone southeast of Qingxu Pool and head eastward from there. The boss is located in an underpass made of stone by a small pool of water. Another Agent can be found in Yaoguang Shoal on the small island with the large tree located northwest of the teleport stone. At Luhua Pool, a fifth agent is found by jumping off the cliff towards the large stone circle in the middle of the pond. No swimming is required to reach him. While here, Luhua Pool is a great place to farm Lotus Heads.

For the sixth Agent, players need to warp to the Statue of the Seven near Lingju Pass and glide southeast for a bit. The Agent is located on the hill below. Warping to the teleport stone in between Tianqui Valley and Lingju Pass, players can find another Agent due south on the stone steps. The eighth and final Fatui Pyro Agent is found north of Mingyun village. Once at that teleport stone, players need to approach the large, twisted tree. This Agent hides in the shadows until players get close, so he\’ll be more difficult to spot.