Fans of miHoYo\’s recent release Genshin Impact are growing increasingly familiar with the game\’s enemies. Although most of the bosses and creatures are fairly straightforward to defeat, some, like the elusive Oceanid, present players with a more elaborate challenge.

Those who have spent some time exploring the depths of Genshin Impact should have started to stumble upon its hidden bosses and domains. Likewise, players in search of rare equipment and loot will find themselves seeking particularly rare bosses and dungeons. One of the creatures eluding some players on this quest is the Hydro-wielding Oceanid.

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The Oceanid stands out from other Genshin Impact opponents because players can\’t simply attack it to win. This floating sea angel/fish creature hybrid is apparently a \”lifeform created from condensed Hydro elements of incredible purity.\” As such, it manages to evade all player attacks, and instead subjects challengers to several waves of monsters made out of water. Consequently, every wave of Hydro monsters defeated will chip away at the Oceanid\’s health, until the Elite Boss is eventually subdued.

To locate an Oceanid, players will need to venture to Qingce Village, which can be found in Teyvat\’s southwestern Liyue province. When approaching from Dawn Winery, players will find the Oceanid directly to the right as they enter Liyue and move toward Wuwang Hill and Qingce Village. Its domain rests at the center of the large lake, just east of Qingce Village.

Defeating an Oceanid can reward players with Varunada Lazurite shards and Cleansing Hearts (both valuable Hydro Ascension materials), as well as rare Artifacts like those from the highly sought Gladiator\’s Finale set. Players will need to sacrifice 40 Original Resin to claim their rewards, and as always rewards will get better as player rank increases. Those hoping for some five-star goodies will want to make sure they\’re appropriately leveled up.

Insofar as strategy, the general premise of this boss fight is to defeat each wave of enemies as soon as possible, or the Oceanid will unleash a powerful, unavoidable, damaging blast. The individual Hydro monsters will heal over time too, so players are highly encouraged to take on foes one at a time. If too much time is spent weakening a mob, the individual monsters will have time to heal, which is the last thing challengers need.

Players should also note that the Oceanid will sink surrounding platforms after every wave of monsters defeated, leaving players with less and less room for mobility. It may seem difficult, but explorers shouldn\’t lose hope of upgrading their Hydro healer, Barbara. After players complete the Oceanid fight once, it becomes much easier to predict.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4.