Genshin Impact recently added a slate of new content to the game with its Version 1.1 update. As players begin to explore the new quests and characters, they\’ve also started to take note of some of the more elusive new additions, like the Golden Loach.

While many players have focused on celebrating major additions to Genshin Impact, like the stylish Hydro brawler, Tartaglia, the update also included a plethora of minor subtle additions. Some of these additions include new harvestable resources, such as Bamboo Shoots, or the rather rare Golden Loach\’s Pearl.

Players hoping to find a Loach Pearl, which allegedly possesses medicinal qualities, will have to track down a rare Golden Loach. These small lizard-like creatures were added to Genshin Impact as part of Version 1.1, and it seems that they can be found on select shorelines in Liyue. As of now, there aren\’t too many confirmed spawn locations, but players should be able to find a bare minimum of 10 Loach Pearls per day using the sites identified thus far.

First of all, players should note that the Golden Loach doesn\’t really appear to be gold in color. These small creatures resemble a sort of white salamander-axolotl hybrid with red whiskers, and although they can swim, they generally like to hang out on Liyue rocks or shorelines, just near marshland waters. They can be found in the Bishui Plains, near Stone Gate and throughout the Dihua Marsh.

Three of the known Golden Loach hotspots are found at the locations marked by small Loach Pearls on the map above. Namely, the eastern shore of the landmass between Liyue\’s famous Wangshu Inn and the Statue of Seven above it, and the west side of the northern shore of an island adjacent to that landmass. Players should be able to find roughly 10 Golden Loaches in these spots alone, all of which will respawn after a day. A small isle just slightly northwest of the aforementioned Statue of Seven is also known to host Golden Loaches, so players may want to head there if they\’re in need of some extra pearls.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.