Anime and Zelda fans alike have been fawning over miHoYo\’s recent hit, Genshin Impact. Much like its open-world influences, the game features countless items, monsters, and characters, hidden throughout its colorful locations, some — like the Philanemo Mushroom —  rarer than others.

Players who have gotten well into their Genshin Impact careers may find themselves starting to perform Ascensions on their characters (and weapons), and those same players will most probably also find themselves in pursuit of some precious Philanemo Mushrooms. The mushrooms are used to Ascend several popular Hydro characters, and considering that the act of Ascension itself bumps up a character\’s upper level limit (in other words, the character can level up past their \”max\”), players will want to be sure they know where to find them.

First and foremost, it should be noted that these mushrooms are actually available for purchase with Genshin Impact\’s in-game currency. That being said, they\’re sold for 1000 Mora each, which is laughably steep when players can forage for the ingredients rather easily. Regardless, players who would rather simply spend some coin for a quick couple of mushrooms should head to Chloris.

Chloris is a wandering NPC who frequents the road leading into and out of Mondstadt. They can be found roughly in the zone highlighted by a pink circle in the image above. Players who can\’t wait for Genshin Impact\’s daily in-game reset to bring new mushrooms can talk to Chloris instead, and purchase several rare floral ingredients, but again, prices aren\’t the fairest.

To find some Philanemo Mushrooms in the wild, players will want to roam Mondstadt or Springvale, where these fungi are known to spawn. The head of the mushroom is adorned by a sort of flower-like extension that closely resembles a glowing lily, so players will want to keep an eye out for that when foraging. If successful, a player can then use these mushrooms to Ascend powerful Genshin Impact characters like Barbara and Mona.

Specifically, Philanemo Mushrooms can be found rather abundantly on the houses throughout Mondstadt and Springvale, though they will only appear once a day. Pick a cottage or wall in either of the cities and try giving it a climb; Philanemo Mushrooms share Violetgrass\’ affinity for high altitudes.