There are many different materials in the world of Genshin Impact that can be used in a variety of ways. One of these materials is Violetgrass which is a flowering plant that players can collect during their travels.

Violetgrass is a smaller plant with downturned violet-colored flowers that grows on the sides of cliffs and mountains in Genshin Impact. It can however be hard to find for players that are still in the early parts of the game.

The main benefit to Violetgrass is in it being a material required to perform Qiqi\’s character ascension. Qiqi is a rare five-star character that is both very powerful and very popular, so many players want to make her as powerful as possible.

The first step to searching for Violetgrass is to not search in Mondstadt, as it will not grow or be found in that country. It however does grow in the Liyue region on Liyue\’s mountainsides and cliffs. This means that players will need to climb in order to find them. As Violetgrass is a normal plant without elemental skills being required, it doesn\’t matter which party member collects it.

One great place to look in Liyue is Wuwang Hill, as there are more mountains and cliffsides in that area. Keeping the color of the flower in mind is recommended as it will stand out compared to the grey rocks it grows on.

While there are no character requirements in order to obtain Violetgrass, Qiqi is actually highly recommended when searching for this material. This is due to her third passive talent, Former Life Memories. This passive talent makes it so that the locations of nearby resources that can exclusively be found in Liyue will be shown on the player\’s mini-map. Since Violetgrass is exclusive to Liyue, this will make the search that much easier in the long run.

After collecting the Violetgrass, it will take time in the real world to pass before the plant will respawn back in the world. It also cannot be dropped by enemies, making it more likely for players to have to actively pursue this material rather than coming across it by accident.

While Violetgrass is currently only being used for Qiqi\’s character ascension, it is possible for players needing it for other purposes down the line as Genshin Impact receives more updates. Until then it is recommended for players to stockpile on these special flowers in case anything happens involving them at some point in the future.

Genshin Impact is available now for Mobile, PC, and PS4. A Switch version is in development.