By now, many Genshin Impact players have started to reach the character levels that allow for a powerful upgrade known as Ascension. In a similar fashion to most games that offer weapon/character enhancements, this upgrade requires several materials depending on the character – players hoping to Ascend the wolf-like Electro user, Razor, will find themselves in need of a rare ingredient known as Wolfhook.

Wolfhook is a Mondstadt \”Local Specialty\” that resembles a large, barbed, blueberry.  As of now, it only exists in Genshin Impact for one purpose: upgrading Razor. The fruit can be found growing on the map in certain locations, though players can also purchase some from a plant-vending NPC.

Players with some extra Mora in hand can save some time by simply purchasing Wolfhook from the wandering rare plant salesman, Chloris, but the prices are generally not worth the time saved. Chloris sells valuable ingredients on the road leading east out of Mondstadt, so players can take a stroll around there if they\’re hoping to buy some Wolfhook.

For the foragers, Wolfhook should be rather easy to locate. Fortunately, Wolfhook only grows in a single location in Teyvat: the aptly named Wolvendom. Wolfhook can be found growing at the base of dead trees, and near bushes, throughout Wolvendom (which is found directly southwest, across the moat from Mondstadt.) Many players have reported large numbers of Wolfhook growing around the arena found in southwest Wolvendom (one of two marked locations above,) so players should certainly check out the impressive structure too.

The fact that Wolfhook only grows in Wolvendom makes it easy to find, but it also means that it isn\’t easily farmable like Crystal Chunks are. Players can only forage what they find in Wolvendom once per day, so those who anticipate needing Wolfhook are urged to start their collections early – Razor needs upwards of 60 Wolfhook to be completely upgraded, so it\’ll take more than one walk through Wolvendom.

As mentioned above, Wolfhook is currently only being used to Ascend the popular Electro character, Razor. That said, the ingredient will likely gain other uses in future updates (especially if other Electro-wielders join the fray.) Every character in Genshin Impact requires a certain Local Specialty to Ascend, so while the lupine Razor is Wolfhook\’s only user today, future characters may also end up needing the spiky berry to achieve their highest potentials.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.