Though Genshin Impact has only been officially available for about a month, players have plunged far into the game\’s depths. Among the expansive terrains and myriad treasures offered by the game, players will find valuable items known as Ascension materials, one of which is the unique Brilliant Diamond Sliver.

The main character featured in Genshin Impact is the nameless Traveler, who begins their journey as an Anemo-wielder. Many players will quickly begin to unlock additional playable characters, but even so, most will find the versatile Traveler making their way back into the party.

Explorers who already spent some time completing Genshin Impact daily commissions and quests may have begun to approach the upper limits of their characters\’ levels. Once a character reaches Level 20, they will need to be Ascended before continuing to level up (until they reach their next level cap, which requires Ascension yet again.)

Although the act of Ascension is simply triggered from the character\’s status page, each instance of it requires several unique ingredients that vary from character to character. Generally speaking, characters who share the same Element/Vision will share similar Ascension materials, but those who\’ve raised their Traveler to the point of Ascension may have stumbled across one unique ingredient: Brilliant Diamond.

Like other precious stones, Brilliant Diamond can be obtained as Slivers, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones. That being said, this rare material currently only serves on purpose in Genshin Impact: Ascending the Traveler character. Given that it\’s only used to upgrade the Traveler at the moment, even some experienced players may have progressed through the game without encountering it.

Unless players were actively using and enhancing the Anemo/Geo-wielding Traveler character, there would be no reason to notice this distinct Ascension material. And of course, it\’s understandably frustrating to try and upgrade a character at the late-game stage and not know how to locate the required materials. Thankfully, players won\’t need to visit a Domain of Forgery, or anything of the sort, for this material.