The Almond Tofu recipe is a bit hidden in Genshin Impact, and some players have been running around all of Liyue in search of it. Though it\’s not a rare item or a difficult recipe, discovering it can be somewhat tricky. This guide will also tell players where Almond Tofu can be purchased in the same area.

When it was first announced in June 2019, Genshin Impact was accused of being a Breath of the Wild \”clone\” due to its heavy inspirational draw in terms of aesthetic and gameplay. While it\’s true that Genshin Impact is very reminiscent of the Legend of Zelda hit, the game has its own charms and quirks unique to itself. Still, one of the many similarities it shares with Breath of the Wild is the art of cooking, but Genshin Impact allows the players to collect an array of recipes and requires proficiency and some \”manual\” cooking on the player\’s part.

Though Genshin Impact is not yet \”complete\” according to Chinese developer miHoYo, rather, many more additions and enhancements will be made in the future, players are currently attempting to collect every recipe currently available. One two-star dish that many are getting caught up in the search for is the Almond Tofu recipe. It increases all party members\’ attack power by between 66 and 95 points for 300 seconds, though in co-op mode, it only applies to the user\’s character.  The Almond Tofu dish is also used in quests such as the Good Medicine Tastes Bitter quest.

First, the player will need to navigate to Liyue, specifically Wangshu Inn, which is located at the center of Liyue on a small island of sorts sandwiched between Dihua Marsh and Guila Plains on the map. The first time the player may come across Wangshu Inn in-game is likely the Wangshu quest. Once at the Inn, the player will need to locate the kitchen. If standing in at Verr Goldet\’s reception desk, the kitchen is just one floor down.

Once in the kitchen, the player should see the chef, Smiley Yanxiao, seemingly sifting through some carrots and mushrooms. To his left, there is a table with a sparkle on it that the player can investigate. This is the Tofu Almond recipe, and if the player has the ingredients ready, there\’s also a cooking station in this room to craft it. It\’s not a difficult recipe; it only takes 3 Milks, 3 Sugars, and 1 Almond to make. Alternatively, the dish can also be purchased from Verr Goldet for 1,550 Mora.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and later on Switch.