While the Rust Bow may not be the absolute best bow in Genshin Impact, its Passive Ability makes it a very unique option for the game\’s various bow-wielding characters. Unlike most of the bows in Genshin Impact, the Rust Bow puts its an emphasis on normal attacks over aimed attacks, and this configuration is one that many players are sure to find intriguing. For those fans that would like to try out the Rust Bow for themselves, details on exactly where it comes from may be helpful.

Genshin Impact Rust Bow Location

Unfortunately for players that are hoping to easily obtain a Rust Bow, it is not simply a reward for completing a straightforward quest or activity. Instead, fans that want the Rust Bow will need to engage with the game\’s Gacha mechanic, as using Wishes in Genshin Impact is the only way to earn this powerful weapon. Moreover, the Rust Bow is of 4-star rarity, which means that players that are trying to Wish for it are going to need a great deal of luck on their sides.

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More specifically, there is a 5.1% base chance that a Wish will award a 4-star item, and there are a myriad of items of this rarity on the currently-available banners. As such, even if a Genshin Impact player does manage to hit a 4-star item with a Wish, there is certainly no guarantee that it will be the Rust Bow. Indeed, while fans they may still get something desirable, like Fischl if they are Wishing on the Ballad in Goblets banner, the chance of getting a Rust Bow specifically is exceedingly low.

Players that are on the hunt for a Rust Bow are thus advised to manage their expectations when making Wishes and to look at some other Genshin Impact weapons that they might be happy with. Most of the 4-star bows, for instance, at least rival the Rust Bow, and some of them even exceed it. While it is true that fans will still need luck in order to get any of those weapons, they are much more likely to walk away from their Wishes satisfied if they are open to all of the possible options.

Of course, the 5-star bows are also great alternatives to the Rust Bow, and players should certainly be thrilled if they pull anything of that rarity. However, with 5-star items in Genshin Impact being awarded at a rate of just 0.6%, fans should not be extremely surprised if they are never fortunate enough to see one.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and later on Switch.