After reaching Adventure Rank 30 in Genshin Impact, players can pickup a short quest from Aramis called Lingering Malady. This quest instruct fans to look for posters and billboards in Mondstadt, and while this may seem like a fairly straightforward task, locating this signage can prove somewhat difficult. For those players that are having some trouble finding the posters and billboards in Mondstadt for Genshin Impact\’s Lingering Malady quest, a map highlighting their locations may be useful.

To note, all of the posters and billboards in Mondstadt can be found high up, either on rooftops or on top of the city\’s walls. As such, Genshin Impact players may want to start their search by fast traveling to the tower at the southwest corner of the city and trying to glide to the posters and billboard from there. Indeed, this will prevent fans from having to wait for their stamina to refill before they can climb to each of the signs, allowing them to complete the Lingering Malady quest very quickly.

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Genshin Impact: Where to Look for Posters and Billboards in Mondstadt

  • 1: On the roof of the building next to the Adventurer\’s Guild.
  • 2: On the roof of the building next to the Blacksmith.
  • 3: On top of the city wall.
  • 4: On the roof of the building near the bar.

Upon arriving at these locations, players will find either stacks of posters or knocked-over billboards, and they should simply interact with these items to advance this Genshin Impact quest. Then, after retrieving all of these signs, players can return to Aramis, complete Lingering Malady, and collect their rewards.

With respect to what those rewards are, fans will earn 100 Adventure Rank EXP, 20,000 Mora, six Hero\’s Wit, and three Northern Smoked Chicken for finding the posters and billboards in Mondstadt. While these may not be the most exciting prizes, they are reasonable offerings considering how quickly Lingering Malady can be completed, and many players will certainly be happy to have them.

With the Lingering Malady quest finished, players are free to take their adventures in any direction that they choose. Perhaps they will decide that they wish to interact with the other NPCs found in Mondstadt, or maybe the time has come from them to farm some Violetgrass in Genshin Impact. Certainly, there are a variety of paths for players to pursue in this free-to-play title, and even will become available through the updates scheduled to release in the upcoming months.

Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, and PS4. A Switch version is currently in development.