Genshin Impact is not a perfect game and when it has to go down for maintenance players will obviously be displeased, but there will now be something special for players to look forward to every time it does go down. Truth be told, it is impossible for the game to always stay online 24/7, especially when huge updates are being applied. Genshin Impact utilizes many different grinding factors, so when the servers have to go down it can be a major hindrance to hardcore and casual players alike.

A casual player may only have those few hours to play, and with daily commissions and gatherable resources requiring maintenance, it can stall a player\’s progress by a lot. Hardcore players may also be in the middle of grinding resources or chests, only to be stopped by a maintenance screen that won\’t let them in the game. There are also monsters that respawn after a period of time that players may want to optimize killing whenever possible. The biggest factor to keep in mind is Resin due to its small maximum capacity of 120 and a slow recharge time of 8 minutes for 1 Original Resin. Players may want to use it as effectively as possible. Even if the game is down for a few hours, that\’s about 23 Resin gone to waste if a player is capped out, which is enough to get loot varying from level up material to rare artifacts.