One of the few Hydro users currently in Genshin Impact is Xingqui. He\’s one of only three playable characters in the game with water-based attacks, but he also has a sword to rapidly assault enemies. Most of Xingqui\’s skills focus on dealing damage while restoring stamina and reducing cooldowns. With the best character build, Xingqui can become a great member of any team.

Xingqui is first introduced during the Liyue portion of the main story. However, the only way to obtain Genshin Impact\’s Xingqui right now is through the Wish system. While Hyrdo users like Barbara are ideal healers, Xingqui\’s water-based attacks are great for removing his cooldowns, restoring stamina to himself and others, and reducing the amount of damage taken in battle. Because of this, Xingqui can make a great support or DPS character.