Genshin Impact's Shenhe & Yun Jin Revealed As Playable Characters

Two new playable Genshin Impact characters, Shenhe and Yun Jin, have been revealed by developer miHoYo. The popular open-world, action role-playing game boasts a huge cast of companions, which players can unlock through the game\’s gacha Wish mechanic. Genshin Impact\’s 2.3 update will introduce new characters for players to unlock, adding to the already impressive roster of heroes available in the game.

Genshin Impact includes a colorful assortment of different playable characters, and the 2.3 update will only add more flavor to this line-up. Genshin Impact 2.3 is set to introduce two new characters, Gorou and Arataki Itto, when it goes live on November 24. Gorou is a fox-like warrior who wields a bow in combat alongside Earth-based Geo powers. The second new hero, Arataki Itto, is a demonic gang leader who has become a fan-favorite even before his addition to the game. However, prior to these Geo users making their way into miHoYo\’s title, fans are looking ahead to future content. Recent Genshin Impact leaks identified Shenhe, a five-star Cryo combatant, as one of the next additions to the game\’s roster.

Two Genshin Impact tweets revealed Shenhe and Jun Yin, two new playable characters coming to the game in the near future. Shenhe, the heavily rumored 5-star Cryo user, uses a polearm in combat. Known as the \”Ethereal Soul Amidst the Mortal Realm,\” Shenhe comes from a family of exorcists and is a student of Cloud Retainer, and she quickly became a favorite among Genshin Impact fans on Twitter. The second upcoming character, Yun Jin, is a stage director of the Yon-Han Opera Troupe. The musical Geo user also wields a polearm in combat, and her musical talents will no doubt play an important role both in and out of combat. Shenhe and Yun Jin\’s release dates have yet to be announced, but it can be assumed the future Genshin Impact 2.4 update will introduce them.

While many players look ahead to future characters, the Genshin Impact 2.3 update will make it easier to acquire previously-released heroes. The new content will coincide with a redesigned Wish system allowing two 5-star Genshin Impact character banners run at once, giving players a much greater chance of obtaining a character they desire. 5-star character banners are only available through Genshin Impact\’s Wish system, a gacha mechanic which gives players a random chance to earn rewards. Since it is possible to miss a 5-star character during their initial banner run, reruns give players another chance to obtain them. By having two 5-star banners running at once, the odds of getting the \”right\” character will be even higher.

For Genshin Impact fans, few things are more exciting than an expansion of the game\’s playable roster. The open-world RPG already boasts dozens of unique champions, and Shenhe and Yun Jin add even more variety to that cast. While it\’s unclear exactly when these powerful characters will become, current speculation points to the Genshin Impact 2.4 update.

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